I started my health and fitness education at Eastern University, PA, USA in 2008, majoring in a Bachelor of Science of Biokinetics and Dance. After a year, I moved back to Durban, South Africa and completed a diploma in Sport Management, and a certificate in Coaching and Conditioning at Varsity College, Westville in 2010. I then went on to complete my Bachelor of Sport Science at UKZN, Westville, going on to complete my Honours in Biokinetics in 2016.

I realized my passion shortly after I finished studying. A mid-twenties crisis of uncertainty as to what my life’s purpose was is what projected me into finding my destiny – helping the everyday, perfectly imperfect, wonder woman dealing with the daily struggles of binge eating, weight-loss woes, and general feelings of self-consciousness and worthlessness, to find acceptance in a world of superficial perfection.

Every young woman, including myself, deals with the day-to-day difficulty of finding acceptance and belonging in a world that demands unattainable perfection in every area of life. My purpose is to guide these women by changing their perception of how they view themselves in the world, and foster sustainable feel-good exercise habits in combination with healthy food education – encouraging the uniquely you to live a well-balanced, healthy life.


Unjaded Fitness seeks to inspire worldwide wonder women of all shapes and sizes to feel more secure in their bodies by learning to foster a healthy lifestyle and mindset through the multiple benefits of physical fitness. Not only will you experience fat loss and muscle toning, but you will also encounter improved sleeping patterns, increased strength, diminished stress levels, reduced fatigue, and an overall fitness level to allow you to cope with just about any sport or exercise you tackle!


Unjaded Fitness offers the following services:
• Personal Training Online via the Unjaded Fitness App
• Weight Loss Training
• Toning, Muscle Building & Strength Training
• Functional Training & High Intensity Training
• Core Strengthening
• Sport Specific Training
• Biokinetics, Injury Treatment & Prevention and Posture Rehabilitation
• Pre-Pregnancy, Trimester Specific, & Post-Pregnancy Training
• Yoga, Power Yoga & Sculpt Training
• Corporate Training & Events, Wellness Days & Fitness Retreats
• Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching Advice
• Nutritional Advice & Eating Plans.