noun: angle; plural noun: angles

a particular way of approaching or considering an issue or problem.
“discussing the problems from every conceivable angle
(perspective, point of view, viewpoint, standpoint, position, aspect, slant, direction

“consider the problem from a different angle”)
Let’s have some real talk about these photos for a moment – both taken on the same day, a the same location, under the same circumstances, only minutes apart.

Exhibit A: Beautifully defined back muscles before quickly noticing the “hideous” side rolls.

Exhibit B: Decently defined abs at a well-shot angle standing up straight, with absolutely no bending or chance for the side rolls to show their “hideous” face.

What am I getting at? Well… Normal human beings would look at the first photo, be pretty chuffed with how the lighting hits their back muscles and physique, to then immediately become completely turned off the photo because of the attention drawn to the ever-so-human phenomena call “the roll”. This photo of my body at this angle would never see daylight, and would certainly never be posted on any form of social media (trust me, it crossed my mind).

The problem with society (among many other things), is we’re super happy with everyone seeing the perceived perfection in our lives. How could anyone see us living our lives any other way than perfect? And so we begin to build these angles, so our neighbours can see us in our best light possible: on the ladder of success, in perfect relationships and marriages, with the perfect children, in a perfect house driving the perfect car thanks to the perfect job.

We live behind a facade that reads “everything is going great.” But, we are humans – we are, in fact, anything but perfect. We are full of flaws, we have ugly angles, we make mistakes, and bad things happen to us.

And with being human comes this idea of imperfection striving for daily perfection, and so we learn to cover up the negative aspects of our lives so people can believe the story we build to show all of our best angles to the world.

But why? For what? Why do we need to gain any approval from the world around us? Why are we never good enough? What does it matter? Could societal pressures have defined what we consider beautiful and successful in the world, and this is what we have let define us? Absolutely.

You are beautiful and perfect in your imperfections. You don’t need any approval from any person around you to tell you that you are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, or skinny enough to be successful in this world. YOU matter. YOU are the only person who is in control of your life. YOU being yourself shows the rawness, the realness, and the true beauty within you.

Show us all your angles, the good, the bad and the ugly. You have nothing to prove, you have no approval or acceptance to gain. The only acceptance and approval you need is from yourself. Because its the realist you around and nobody could be a more truer you than you!

Besides, everyone has rolls anyway!

Jade <3

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