No two people have identical bodies, and your specific goals are different from the average Joe.

This is no “12 week challenge” or one-size-fits-all programme. In fact, there is no end-date: this is training made just for YOU!

This plan is completely customized to your body’s needs, your body’s strengths, you’re body’s goals.

Custom Online Training is perfect for newbies or regular exercise fundis needing some real training guidance from a pro to get you fast-tracked to reaching YOUR body goals!

here's how it works

Step 1: Getting to Know You

We start with a free consultation to learn about your background and set a foundation of trust, honesty, and authenticity for the coaching relationship.

We’ll define your goals, motivations, and deep driving forces, along with your lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress habits: understanding these fully, because training doesn’t happen in isolation. We’ll also cover any past injuries or current limitations.

All your questions will be answered – Unjaded Fitness is here to support you.

Step 2: Designing Your Programme

No programme should be one-size-fits-all: Unjaded Fitness wants to design a programme that works FOR YOU.

Using your provided information, your first 2 weeks will include fitness assessments & technique training, in order to properly design the programme to your specific needs, strength & fitness level.

With this information in hand, you’ll have a bespoke programme designed just for you and the environment you’re in. Your coach will be available for questions that come up.

Step 3: Your Training & Support

You’ll recieve your weekly program via the Unjaded Fitness App, which will have all your exercises, demo videos, and places to record your results & measures.

We’ll review your weekly results and videos and adjust your program accordingly – your program evolves with you.

Every month, you’ll have a 30 minute catch up call with your coach to review progress, training & nutrition to assess goals, make appropriate changes, and ensure you’re on track to reaching your goals!