Maximise Workouts in Short Time

Our lives are getting busier everyday, and it’s no surprise you’re finding it difficult to squeeze in some time for your training. You know you need to, but you just really only have 1 hour to drip with sweat, get showered, and get back to the grind.

This can be said for the mom who’s juggling school, extramural activities, AND making sure the house is clean, food cooked, and kiddies bathed, along with the #girlboss who’s strapped for time trying to make it in the big bad business world, and still rock a hot bod.

It’s not easy, I know, and sometimes that 1 hour could be a couple moments of taking a breath from the craziness that is life. But it could also be a crucial time to give your body the health break it needs from the crazy – it’s the only time you’ll have to get them endorphins firing, the detox sweat dripping, and allow your brain to take a moment.

So what do we need? A fast, efficient way of training to get shiz done, get showered, and move along – and here’s how in 4 quick tips:


  1. Put your phone away. The distraction only takes away from the limited time you have, and to be honest that phone call can wait! Clients, facebook, that call from your mother-in-law, they can wait an hour until you’re finished. Putting your phone down can cut a 90-minute session into a 40-minute session if you just let it.
  2. Show up with a plan. You don’t have time to fuss about deciding whether or not you’re going to use that machine over there, or instead maybe pick up a dumbbell and a bosu ball, and then you’ll mosey on over to a cable machine. With a plan, you can walk with purpose, get what you need, get it done, and go.

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  3. Opt for HIIT training. HIIT sessions have been known to raise your heart rate, give you an instant sweat, AND burn calories for up to 48hours. You can do a fantastic session by doing HIIT training in just 30mins, which gives you enough time to shower and be out of the gym and straight into your next meeting.
  4. Plug in that sound, and get into the zone. We all know it – having the right playlist puts you straight in the mood to get moving. Plus, when people see you have earphones plugged in, they’re more likely to wave from afar than to come over and catch up with you for 30 minutes

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