Melbourne, Australia

Long overdue, I finally present to you:
Melbourne, Australia: Winter of 2018.

Melbourne has year after year been rated the World’s Most Livable City, and it’s so easy to see why.

We were treated to oceanic views all over Victoria as we road tripped from Phillip Island in the South, to driving North West on the Great Ocean Road, with no shortage of Roos along the way. Melbourne is a melting pot of mixed culture, and it’s filled with colorful secrets that require exploring to be discovered!

Melbourne could be compared to Cape Town according to its weather patterns, as well as its similarity to culture. The city never sleeps and comes alive at night. I mean, we found a restaurant that serves ONLY dessert! HEAVEN!

To summarize however, here were our favourite parts of Melbourne:
1. DeGraves Street
Covered in street art, DeGraves street isn’t just splashed with your regular graffiti squiggles. Its walls are covered with some serious artwork, and walking along the old Victorian cobblestone roads admiring tall walls filled with colour expression is breathtaking.
2. Cycling on the old train routes
A secret probably unknown to tourists is the old train track route linking suburbia to the city having been transformed into cycling & running pathways. You can run or ride hundreds of kilometers between suburbs and the city and never have to come near a vehicle. Its safe, its scenic, and it can get you to breakfast on the river in no time.
3. The Great Ocean Road
Hundreds of kilometers along the Victorian coastline with the ocean so blue next to impressive green cliffs is where you get to see small secret surf towns like Lorne, the famous surfers’ Bells Beach, and of course the 12 Apostles.
4. A Sports Culture Like No Other
Melbourne is sports crazy! The centre of Melbourne is a sports haven with stadiums left, right and centre. Footy is a huge part of Aussie culture, and it’s an absolute blast getting to watch the action live from a packed stadium!
5. Playing With Kangaroos
This. Is. A. Must! I think we’ve got this preconceived perception of roos being dangerous, but they’re very friendly and gentle at petting zoos. The marsupials laze around in the sun all day and appreciate a snack from the palm of your hand with a scratch behind the ear. We so badly wish we could’ve held a koala bear, but that’s illegal in Victoria!

Check out our video from Melbourne!

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