Nutrition Guidelines: Design Your Own Eating Plan!

This e-book has been created for nutrition dummies: people who are looking for a general understanding of what macronutrients are and how they affect your body, nutrient timing, as well as how to build your own eating plan.

Includes calorie calculating and exchanges lists to guide you to building your best eating plan yet!



The Unjaded Fitness eating philosophy follows a principle of an “80/20” dieting type: 80% healthy eating, 20% happy indulgence.

Restrictive dieting simply DOES NOT WORK. Think of a child who wants to play outside, but is told he/she can’t. All the child will want to do is play outside. The same can be said for restrictive dieting. Tell yourself you can’t eat something, and sure enough you’ll find yourself binge eating the exact food you swore to avoid a few days later.

Let’s avoid this damaged relationship with food, and foster a healthy relationship with wholesome foods. The moment we remove the pressure and obsession with food from our daily living is the moment resisting binge eating becomes easier to handle. Learn to eat the right types of foods that will nourish your body, feed it with love. Learn to eat 80% healthy, most of the time, while leaving 20% of your diet to enjoy the good things in life in moderation, and at the right time.

My eating plans provide you with education on how macro-nutrients work, and their importance to your training and daily living. Each plan consists of a structured eating schedule specific to the time of day you exercise.

Your initial consultation will help us identify exactly which foods work with your gut, as well as against your gut, in combination with the foods you enjoy, in order to treat any gut problems you’ve had in the past.

Great nutrition needs to be a process, and that’s why this is a recurring programme: to guarantee againt failure!

Learn to love eating healthy food!



My purpose is to guide women by changing their perception of how they view themselves in the world, teaching them to foster sustainable feel-good exercise habits in combination with healthy food education – encouraging the uniquely you to live a well-balanced, healthy life.


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